Tech jobs: Insider tips from recruiters on how to get the role you’re after

By Rosaleen McMeel

In today’s fast-paced landscape of emerging technologies and workplace transformations, tech workers continue to be in high demand, but competition for the best talent remains just as fierce.

At a recent Tech HR event in Indeed’s London HQ, industry leaders agreed there’s a new opportunity for non-tech name brands and small employers alike to make the most of skilled tech talent.

While widespread layoffs hit Big Tech at the beginning of the year, jobs in smaller companies are plentiful, and present an exciting opportunity to be part of big digital transformations taking place across Europe, and in every part of our economy.

Here, some HR leaders reveal some of the ways you can ensure your CV always gets considered.

Stand out

Ensuring your cover letter shines in a sea of candidates with similar experience can be difficult.

Outlining your goals and objectives with the company and role is a good starting point, says Amy Hobley, Executive Recruitment Manager at Sopra Steria, a software company that employs 46,000 people worldwide.

“A strong mission statement, what you are looking for, what’s your purpose, what are you hoping to achieve from your next role,” recommends Hobley.

“You might not have all the experience but if you’re willing to learn, grow, develop and pick up new skills, that sets you a good foundation”.

Add value

While job candidates are focused on measuring up to the skills required for a role, Hobley notes that aligning your values with the companies can also make a big difference when it comes to shortlisting candidates at the interview stage.

“We always ask how their experience aligns with our values. That tends to bring out what’s important to them. We’re very passionate about culture, empathy and doing the right thing, as well as social values. How we differentiate ourselves in the market against our competitors. We tend to ask questions around that”.

Keep it real

While ChatGPT may feel like a useful timesaver for candidates eager to hit the right notes with their applications, recruiters are getting frustrated by the amount of AI-generated CVs flooding their inboxes.

“You can always tell because [the answers] are numbered, they use the same words such as ‘furthermore’, ‘in conclusion’ and Americanised spellings,” said Vicky Parkin, Tech Recruiter at ITV.

Monica Berry, who works in talent acquisition at a leading UK e-commerce business agrees.

“You can really tell when somebody has done an AI CV. I was looking at a couple of CVs that had come through and there was a candidate who was a £22k-a-year candidate and they had written their CV like they were a head of department,” she said.

“I’m asking, respectfully, to send pre-AI, real CVs because it gives a truer reflection of what you’ve done and what you’re like,” Berry added.

“Candidates are being pushed to use AI to come across as more professional but what you end up with is people with minimal experience using AI to bulk up their CVs and it’s probably working for them in terms of getting interviews but then you get to the interview and they’re not as good as they say they are”.

Join the dots

Tech workers can often be in such a hurry to extol their own skills and experiences they neglect other ways they can show what sets them apart from their competition.

“Great candidates show that they appreciate our customer experience in tandem with having a growth mindset (and) focus on the continued development of our products, engineering capabilities, processes and systems,” said Denise Hayes, chief people officer at DigitalWell, an Irish-based full-service IT and communications provider.

“They will also enjoy working in a highly collaborative team environment, where they can be themselves and have some fun along the way”.

Ready to test out your job-landing skills? There are thousands of tech opportunities currently hiring, such as those below, at the Euronews Jobs Board.

Operations and IT Coordinator – Infrastructure Team, EBA CLEARING

The Operations Unit is responsible for the operation and business administration of all EBA CLEARING payment services.

As a member of the Infrastructure and Development Team, the Brussels-based Operations and IT Coordinator will manage and monitor Operations’ IT infrastructure from a technical and security perspective as well as ensure the safety and security of the IT environment and build and enhance cyber resilience.

This role offers an opportunity to contribute to the digital transformation of Operations’ IT infrastructure with a competitive salary package, in addition to a flexible work environment including the option to work from home. Click here for a full list of requirements.

Manager Cloud Architecture – Data & Analytics (f/m/d), Ernst & Young GmbH

As part of the Data & Analytics team in Stuttgart, the Manager will conceptualise, design and develop cloud infrastructures. You will also advise and support global leading corporations from different sectors.

You’ll need to have successfully completed studies in the field of (business) computer science, software engineering or engineering and have at least five years’ of professional experience in the field of cloud architecture.

Due to EY Ripples, the company’s global corporate responsibility programme, as an employee you’ll have the opportunity to use your knowledge, skills and experience to positively influence millions of lives. To view the requirements or to apply, click here.

Fullstack Developer (m/w/d), Bertrandt AG

Bertrand is seeking a talented Fullstack Cloud Developer in Stuttgart who has skills in cloud architecture.

Your expertise is needed to enrich their dynamic development team in the field of “virtual testing” within the automotive industry. In this role, your responsibility lies in the design, programming and implementation of cloud applications of high scalability and security.

The successful candidate will need to have studies in computer science, software development or comparable professional experience as a (fullstack) developer with a focus on cloud technologies, as well as profound knowledge in the development of web applications with modern front-end and backend technologies.

If this is whetting your appetite for more, discover all the details and how to apply here.

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